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Posted by maggie.hunsucker August 27, 2009


Mobile workforces are a reality for most businesses today.   People are spread between offices, meetings, and commutes, making it tough to manage your worker bees, let alone centralize operations.

In Everything looks like a nail, we discussed how Twitter-esque corporate tool, Yammer, can help.   Yammer keeps everyone in the loop through a “what are you working on?” live update.  As the platform increases in popularity, so have the features.   In particular, the Yammer iPhone App.

The app is free and does a nice job of mimicking the look and feel of the browser-based version.  As employees update their status, it streams across your iPhone screen.  You can reply to another worker’s status, offer feedback, or update your own status.   If you’re frequently out of the office (client meetings, travel, whatever), you don’t have to miss a beat.   You know exactly what everyone is working on and what they’re talking about.

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The Yammer iPhone app has been around for awhile, so why talk about it now?  Well, they’ve released a new version with some excellent upgrades.  Most notably, push notifications.  Push notifications operate like text messages with the added bonus of not being charged for a text message.  When someone updates their status, you get a pop-up notification, and if you choose, a sound.    You can also pick and choose which feeds you want to get push notifications for.   We see this coming in handy if you need to closely monitor the status of a project and the workers connected to it.

Other updates include the separation of master feed and received messages and cached feeds.  The latter gives you the ability to view updates offline, based on the last time the app connected to your Yammer network.   A time stamp lets you know exactly when that was too.

If you’re already using Yammer in your office, and have an iPhone, this one is a no-brainer.  It’s an app for the true “mobile worker”.

Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated Yammer update is conversation threads. You now have the option of toggling between stream-view and thread-view, which means you can view comments connected to a particular update, a la Facebook.

Despite the industry accolades, many feared Yammer was just a Twitter wannabe, and it would struggle to find a place in corporate culture. Platform adopters actually argue that Yammer has improved their communications, eliminating superfluous emailing and crowdsourcing new ideas and feedback.


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