Stay close to mother hen Keep close to customers that matter the most with Twitter

Posted by tom klein June 13, 2007

Got a hot stock tip or a great insight on a newly listed house, but don’t want to be accused of sending your clients spam (unwanted emails or text messages)?

Twitter, a text messaging service, gives people up-to-the-minute reports on each other’s thoughts or whereabouts. Use it to create a higher level of connection to those clients who choose to opt in to your personal text messaging network. When you send a text message, it is automatically forwarded to everyone who is in your personal network.

The system records your text messages on a website that can be referred to later. As you see in the service offered by Delta airlines, Twitter can help you stay connected to both your customers and also a broader network of partners.  Don’t your biggest fans deserve to get even closer?

Twitter is principally a text messaging service that you access by phone (by sending texts from your account to a specific number (a common short code, as we described in I just texted ...)). However, new tools let you access this service on the web and in conjunction with social networking sites such as Facebook.

Your most devoted clients and customers usually represent a disproportionate level of your sales and profits. Consider how you can use services such as this one as a way to recognize them while differentiating your offering.



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