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Posted by maggie.hunsucker July 28, 2009

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There are several URL shortening services on the market, thanks in part to micro-blogging platforms like Twitter.   It was only a matter of time before the idea was applied to iTunes links (perhaps, the longest and gnarliest links ever produced).

Appsfire is one such service.   If you have an iPhone application, (shameless plug: Digital Scientists is a certified Apple SDK developer), you can use Appsfire to shorten the iTunes link and promote the app on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Digg.

So, instead of this (FYI this links to the Mission Zero iPhone app):


You get this:


Appsfire offers analytics too, so you can track your link’s performance over a 30-day period.   This would be simple and easy method for separating click-throughs from your marketing efforts from regular iTunes surfers.

Appsfire link shortener & analytics are free.  It’s actually an auxiliary service for Appsfire’s main offering, an iPhone application for sharing iPhone applications.   It lets people recommend apps to friends directly from their iPhone or publish that recommendation to their blog or social media page.

Bit.ly was able to oust TinyURL from it's top spot on Twitter by offering real-time link tracking, including clicks, referrers, and conversations surrounding your link.

It's important to remember that the iTunes store is just a distribution platform. It's up to you to hit the social media circuit and sell your application.


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