Sell-phone Target high end iPhone users (and others) with AdMob

Posted by tom klein September 5, 2007

Targeting is a lot easier to talk about than it is to do. You would think that all of this new technology would make it easier to reach specific types of consumers based on what technology they use. And you would be right.

Admob will let you target, for example, only users of Apple’s new iPhone. Admob is the largest mobile advertising marketplace, where advertisers can set up and place an ad for mobile users in a few minutes. To target iPhone users (or for you Apple non-believers, it works to target Blackberry phone models, too), simply choose Apple as the targeted phone manufacturer when you’re presented with the option.

From there, you can create your simple text ad, and even connect users to the Google Maps capability as they describe in this Starbucks example. If you know that your targeted users carry iPhones, why not give this a try?

Admob has traditionally been focused on reaching users of sites that have designed only for phone use. Therefore, while it’s intriguing to be able to target only users of the iPhone, they may be less likely to restrict their surfing to mobile-only websites, as say users of a RAZR or Blackberry might. Only time will tell, but we’ve included some (speedier) iPhone optimized sites for your perusal.

What’s really special about targeting iPhone users with Admob is the ability to go beyond simple clicking on text ads and to really put all of the capabilities of the iPhone to use, maybe pointing to a site on a map, adding an item to your synched calendar, or even downloading something to read later.


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