Formerly Bombay? Make interactive and visually pleasing charts with the RoamBi iPhone App

Posted by maggie.hunsucker June 1, 2009

roambi-logoFor all the amazing things you can do with an iPhone, viewing and editing data-heavy documents (like Microsoft excel spreadsheets) is not one.

Instead of trying to force the matter – or eternally scrolling down the screen – check out an app called RoamBi (not to be confused with the little robot vacuum).  RoamBi lets you turn boring old spreadsheets into interactive visualizations, formatted specifically for the iPhone and with the business professional in mind.   RoamBi is compatible with Salesforce Reports, SAP Crystal Reports, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, and of course, good ole Microsoft Excel.

Simply download the iPhone application (free) and sign-up for a RoamBi account online (this too is free).   Then, start uploading your documents and reports through the web-based RoamBi, which acts as a document manager and syncs with the iPhone application.   During the import process, you choose which RoamBi view you want to use:

  • Pieview – A dynamic pie chart view
  • SuperList – Use this for highly stylized charts and tables
  • Cardex – This lets you navigate and organize spreadsheets in a virtual filing cabinet
  • Catalist -  This displays your data as categorized lists with drill-down detailed summaries

roambi-screen2 roambi-screen1

All RoamBi templates come with charts, bookmarks, and search capabilities, which means you can actually analyze and edit your documents directly from your iPhone – these aren’t glossy PDF versions of your spreadsheets.   And, with a single tap, you can connect your Remote RoamBi to your web account and sync your work.

We’re a sucker for slick iPhone apps, and RoamBi is certainly one, but the real appeal of this product is the ability to make client-worthy presentations and access business critical data while you’re on the go.

RoamBi for Business is an enterprise server version of the core product that lets you work with data directly from your existing business and CRM systems.

While some applications make a seemless transition from desktop to the iPhone, others need to rethink their delivery. RoamBi isn't trying to be a better data or CRM software; infact, it doesn't offer the ability to create such documents. It merely presents the data in a better way for this particular vehicle (the iPhone).


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