Inquiring minds want to know Let customers use text to go beyond print ads with Kwiry

Posted by tom klein January 15, 2008

Despite what seems like constant connectedness, it’s still so easy to forget stuff. Someone recommends an author. You hear a song you like. Importantly, your customer sees your print ad and wants to check things out online.

Now they don’t have to wait. With Kwiry, you can let customers create an online reminder to get more information, going beyond what’s found in a simple print ad. This is a free service that turns text messages into reminders that can be retrieved online. Imagine your customer comes upon one of your print ads in a dead tree publication (magazine). Instead of simply seeing a URL that can be tough to remember, she can simply text a reminder to 59479 (kwiry). They will store it on their website where your she can just login to find it, see related search results, and easily share it with friends.

Check out this example from Seventeen Magazine (PDF) to see how this might help you connect a print ad viewer to rich online content. Are you doing everything you can to get print readers to come to your online home?

If your customer would prefer to use email (imagine a dedicated Blackberry user), Kwiry also lets you do the same with email by having customers send a “kwiry” to [email protected]

This system’s ability to connect users of one media to another will just continue. Text messaging is a perfect way to drive people from traditional media to the web. Look for more text messaging tools on billboards, TV, and print advertisements.


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