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Posted by tom klein September 4, 2007

It’s hard to overestimate the opportunities that exist now that just about everyone carries around a cellular phone. Of course, we can all jabber on and on about what we’re having for dinner, but there are also opportunities to either rethink businesses or dream up extensions of what you currently do.

Look at IQzone as an example of how you might enable your sales force to offer ancillary services to your existing customer base. This service lets anyone snap, send, and sell – simply snap a photo or capture a video and then send it by email to create an instant classified ad. These ads don’t just stay on this site, but get broadcasted to other ad sites, such as Google Base and edgeio. What’s interesting here is the idea of creating a marketplace by letting people identify and submit simple ads on the fly.

If you have a sales force for industrial products, imagine using them to create an instant marketplace among your customers of, say, second-hand equipment. With a minor upfront investment, you could leverage your roving salespeople to provide a new service to your customer base . . . and earn a few points in the process.

When you post an ad, do your best to choose a compelling picture and add a detailed description. This system isn’t eBay, so you’re not really committing anything by putting up an advertisement.


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