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Posted by tom klein September 27, 2007

No matter the size of your sales force, every sales person has something that your company can’t survive without – rich information about your customers. If you find yourself waiting on salespeople to type up sales reports or are unhappy with post call blackberry messages such as “customer has questions” . . . you don’t have to wait anymore.

With Jott, you can help your sales team get their reports completed within minutes of completing a sales call. This simple service lets you record a voice mail and transcribe it into an email or text message. Based on how you’ve set it up, your sales team member can send the text to an individual or any number of pre-set groups of people.

While this service has a lot of other obvious uses (such as keeping you from sending emails and texts while trying to drive), the most important one is keeping you close to your customer(s). Why are you waiting on such critical information when this tool is free?

What’s interesting here about the technology is the lack of it! Messages are sent to India and transcribed by Jott employees, not fancy voice recognition software.

Use this immediate feedback as a competitive weapon. How impressed will your customers be when they have same day or near immediate responses to their concerns? Maybe enough to close the deal.


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  1. You have the right idea going here :) Jott works very well for the business oriented. Speaking of, I am under the impression that Jott is going to release a business model of Jott, which may break them from beta. *shrugs* Michael posted on

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