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Posted by maggie.hunsucker July 30, 2009

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In Introductions are not necessary, we discussed how virtual business cards are an easy (and non-committal) way to publish all of your contact information, including social media profiles.   The only sticking point – virtual cards can’t be passed along.  So when you’re out and about and meet a potential client, what’s a high-tech marketer to do?

Try using the My Name is E iPhone app.  My Name is E is a virtual business card service.  Like, it allows you to amass all your social profiles (Facbeook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, etc) in one spot.  The service just released an iPhone app that lets you “flick and exchange” your virtual business card with another iPhone.   While testing the app, my iPhone found 12 other surrounding iPhones and attempted to beam my card their way.  Not bad, of course, the other iPhones need to have My name is E installed for a successful exchange.

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My Name is E is a free app, but you will have to create a web-based account to build your business card (this too is free).  It’s worth noting that My Name is E works with other mobile devices, like Blackberries, through a mobile version of the site.  You lose the cool flick-and-exchange motion, but card transfer is still possible with a few button taps.

The biggest drawback of My Name is E is the fact that another iPhone user has to have the app.  But, if widely adopted, it makes a pretty interesting case for the virtual business card.  You don’t have to worry about having a physical card on you or loosing/tossing extra business cards that end up in your pockets, car, desk, etc.  Not to mention, My Name is E eliminates the extra step of transferring information from a card to your phone list or contact database.

My Name is E uses WI-FI to beam your card, but the super cool flick action is made possible by the iPhone's Accelerometer, which detects physical phone movements and translates them into actions and commands.

You can actually create more than one business card with My Name is E, so you can have a personal card for friends and a professional card for clients and leads. When exchanging E cards, choose your profile first, then flick.


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  1. I found a good tool for exchange business card online and also manage business card. The website is and they also provides a adobe or version of the same tool for desktop (linux and windows). Found very interesting and useful. One of the main advantage i found is displying the distance between each contacts using google map. Sunil posted on

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