Who loves ya, baby? Design your site’s brand favicon with favicon.cc

Posted by tom klein July 23, 2008

Often, a brand can be distilled down to a single visual cue, like the Nike swoosh or the Apple, um, apple. Every opportunity you have to include a visual identity cue should be seized, and one incredibly easy way to do this is with a favicon. Favicons, short for favorite icon, are the small images that appear in the url bar beside a website address and next to a page title in a browser tab.

You can use a tool like favicon.cc to create your little visual cue in just a matter of minutes. The fastest way to create your brand favicon is to upload your logo into their system. It will convert it to the correct size and format. You may need to do a bit of tweaking to get it just right. You can also animate your favicon by creating multiple designs and timing their evolution.

Don’t let this easy way to connect your URL to your brand identity pass you by.

While this service will help you create your tiny icon (designed one pixel at a time), you'll still need to arrange to get the little image loaded onto the main directory of your webserver. Also, note that MS Internet Explorer supports only the Windows icon (ico) format, most other browsers support just about 16x16 pixel image format (JPEG, GIF, PNG).

While creating a favicon for your site is an easy thing to do, many well known brands seem to drop the ball. Take Ford Motor Company for example. Their iconic logo is oddly absent from the url bar.

What is a favicon?
Thanks to the Dotcom Cowgirl (check out her cool favicon) for recommending today's idea


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