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Posted by tom klein October 29, 2008

UPDATE ON 2.1.09



As we discussed in Moe’s Tavern, if you’ve got an RSS feed, you can create a mobile version of a web site or blog. But why stop with a mere site?

AppLoop is a web-based tool that takes that same RSS feed and converts it into a brandable iPhone application . . . for free! Why an application? Well, for one, applications store data locally, so content is easily accessible, regardless of your internet connection. More importantly, mobile apps are a hot commodity – your application could generate revenue. Most iPhone users gladly pay $1-$5 for their applications. While you have the option of putting a price tag on your content, the ability to distribute your application through iTunes or the iPhone web app store elevates your blog or web site to whole new level.

Currently, AppLoop requires publishers to submit their site for approval before you can generate your application – a minor formality. But once you are approved, it takes only a couple of minutes to setup your iPhone application. The system will ask for your URL and email, as well as icons, logos, and color schemes to customize your application. When finished, AppLoop submits your application to Apple for final approval. Check out this demo to see how easy the process is:

iPhone Application Generator Demo from AppLoop on Vimeo.

Bottom line, if you’re less than technically inclined but want to make it easy for your iPhone-using customers to stay connected with you, here’s an easy way to create and distribute an iPhone app. Or, if you think your customers will pay for your information, here’s a great process and platform for generating some incremental revenue.

If you have an idea for an iPhone application, we have an in house iPhone application developer to work with you! Contact us to get started on your iPhone app!

AppLoop also comes with a full analytics suite, so you can track real-time usage of your application across multiple platforms (Android, see I am C 3PO, anyone?).

Not everyone's content lends to an iPhone app, but it may be perfect for piggyback advertising opportunities. AppLoop offers publishers and advertisers the ability to advertise on the webpages throughout the AppLoop network, as well as the iTunes store, the Google Maps iPhone application, and more.



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  1. AppLoop is no more. Kevin posted on
  2. Thanks Kevin. I've updated the post to indicate that as well. Still wondering how we should treat tools that go under. We'll have to figure that out. At some level, in many cases, the idea might still be a good one, even if the tool is no longer available. We'll see how things shake out. tom klein posted on

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