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Posted by maggie.hunsucker August 20, 2009

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As iPhone application developers, we get requests for all sorts of apps.  While the sky’s the limit with this new marketing platform, the budget often isn’t.

That’s where SwebApps comes in.   SwebApps lets you build a basic iPhone application in 6 easy steps – and for under $500.

Keyword here being “basic”.  But if all you need is a simple way to communicate with your customers, SwebApps is the tool for you.

Here’s how it works:  SwebApps separates and corrals app potentials by industry.  Choose from restaurant, retail, business, non-profit, education, entertainment, government, or custom.  Next, pick buttons for your app’s interface.  SwebApps provides a menu of common buttons that correspond with your industry.  For example, if you’re restaurateur, you can add a reservations button, a menu button, nightly specials button, etc.   SwebApps pricing structure is actually based on the number of buttons you choose- $200 for two buttons, $300 for 6 buttons, and $400 for 8.  There’s also a one-time set-up fee of $50 per button, and if you choose, a $25/month mobile hosting fee for your data.

After your buttons are finalized, submit your information (and artwork) to SwebApps to build.   They in turn submit your app to Apple for authorization. This process can take up to several weeks, but once you’re approved, you’re app is good to go.  SwebApps gives you access to an online user management system, where you add/edit/delete information in your application (e.g. menu item changes).  You can also access any customer information your application captures, like emails and phone numbers.

Sweb Apps How To Video from magaly Chocano on Vimeo.

SwebApps is a great option if you want to experiment with an iPhone app.  If your customers respond well, then you can make a real investment in the functionality, styling, and branding of your application.

For an additional $10/month, SwebApps offers analytics on your iPhone app. Track downloads, which buttons are being used and how many times are they are being used.

App World is Blackberry's equivalent/competition for the iPhone App Store. Blackberry is still the tool of choice for the corporate set, so take that into account when deciding what application - and which application platform - to choose.


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