Breaker 1-9 Let site visitors contact you with a Yackpack Widget

Posted by tom klein April 30, 2008

You can burn through a lot of brain cycles trying to figure out how to get your site visitors to fill out a form or call a phone number.

Why not think like an 8 year old, and invite your visitor to just click a Yackpack Walkie Talkie Widget right on your site? Your visitor clicks on a widget and connects directly to you. Simply visit the site, create your widget, and then embed the code in your site. While it’s not a great idea for high volume sites, it does give you site visitors another way to contact you. If you only get a few visits per day and want to make it very simple to reach you, here’s a fast an easy way to provide an alternative to an email form.

That’s a big 10-4.

All you really need to use this system is a computer microphone and speakers or a headset. You need a way to make your voice heard (microphone) and a way to hear others speak (speakers or headset). Most new laptops and desktop systems have all of this stuff built in.

When it comes to generating leads, it’s a good idea to not underestimate how lazy your prospects are. Anything you can do to make contacting you painfully simple will usually translate into incremental leads.


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