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Posted by tom klein September 2, 2008

Do you rely on a Blackberry or iPhone throughout the day and communicate primarily by email? Even so, you can still blog like a rock star.

You can use a service like Posterous. No sign-up or account required- all you need is email access and “[email protected]” in your address book.

When you want to post something online, email Posterous and attach your file(s). Posterous accepts documents, images, movies, and MP3’s. You can attach multiple files, as many as your email service lets you, and Posterous will create an image gallery on your Posterous page . Images are automatically resized to web-friendly standards and music and videos are put in browser-compatible players. The service even recognizes urls, turning them into links; so if you want to post a YouTube video, they’ve got you covered.

Before anything is published, Posterous sends a confirmation back to your email address- keeping Posterous impostors at bay and making sure you didn’t email the service on a whim. Your Posterous page automatically appears at, in a simple, easy to read blog format.

Posterous is a free service and provides a simple solution for sharing information online. Ready to start blogging? Here’s a little video overview to show you even more:

With Posterous, you can autopost to other content publishing services like Twitter, Flickr, and blogging platforms. Twitter "tweets" display up to 130 characters and a link back to your post. Images sent to Posterous are automatically updated in your Flickr photostream.

A service like Posterous lets you become a web publisher with no html experience, and even more amazing, no computer. You can post to Posterous with any email-enabled mobile device.


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