As you like it Use text messaging to give customers access to info on the go

Posted by tom klein June 6, 2007

You know how it is when you’re running a competitive business. When people want information about your product or service, they want it and should get it right now.

Use a text messaging pull service to let people get the sales or service information they need, when and where they need it . . . right from their phone. House4Cell offers a tool that lets prospective home buyers request information by sending a text message to a number (a common short code as we described in I just texted … ) on a for sale sign. They gain access to all of the relevant MLS information, the price, open house dates, and the agent’s contact information.

For large, out of the office or out of home purchases (from homes to cars or even electronics), you have a better chance of closing the deal if you make your sales or service information immediately accessible.  With a text messaging pull service, you have a way to get information to someone … just in time.

Statistics place the number of worldwide text messaging users at 33% and growing.  While the predominant user is younger, the emergence of new services, such as those offered by Google, is driving increased usage.

When developing content for delivery by text, remember to keep it short. If you’re informing a prospect, include a very clear call to action. Even if they drop the ball, you will have their phone number for a direct follow-up.


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