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Posted by tom klein January 3, 2008

None of us like it, but we know it’s true. When we take a test and get a grade, what tends to stick with us is what we got wrong. Could your sales force use some help retaining what’s important about your brand or product?

Maybe it’s time to create selling information pop quizzes using Zoho Challenge. This free service lets you create and manage online tests – mostly multiple choice and descriptive questions. Test takers see a standard form (much like an online survey), but with this service you can also apply a time limit. Results are displayed immediately. While your sales force might need a refresher course, you could of course use this tool wherever you would like to ensure that product knowledge is up to snuff. Maybe even the call center.

If you’re managing a brand and want to guarantee that its essence is communicated consistently at every customer touchpoint, here’s an easy way.

While Google Apps get a lot of press, Zoho is a company that has an impressive array of applications, including a spreadsheet, a CRM system, a Wiki, and even a cool database application developer that we may talk more about in a future article.

When it comes to building a brand, everything communicates. Sometimes what your sales force or customer service team says can outweigh millions in advertising. This year spend some time making sure that everyone stays on message.


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