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Posted by maggie.hunsucker April 28, 2009


Thanks to the gaggle of web analytics packages out there, we have the ability to track digital marketing investments – what Adwords campaign is driving leads, which website refers the most visitors, etc.  It’s connecting the dots between your online efforts and offline conversions that gets a little tricky

A good option is Mongoose Metrics, a phone tracking service that integrates with your existing web analytics package (Google Analytics, Omniture, CoreMetrics, and more).  Simply add a snippet of JavaScript to a designated webpage and one of Mongoose’s trackable phone numbers and you are set.  You can port your existing phone number into their system or they will assign you a toll free number and bridge it to your mainline.   Either way, when a prospect calls that number, the Mongoose server automatically places a browser visit on that webpage.  This means you can measure each phone call as a conversion and access the data from your go-to analytics platform.

Mongoose Metrics offers a starter package at $39/month that includes the phone number, 245 monthly minutes, and no contract obligations.   Businesses with higher call volume can get a custom pricing plan and multiple numbers.   Mongoose also throws in free customer support that will walk you through set-up and the analytics integration process.

If you’re a business looking for an accurate way to measure online leads and ROI, Mongoose Metrics just makes sense.

You can set-up a custom email alert when a prospect calls your Mongoose number (provided you access to a web server that can send email through a scripting language processed on a web page). Send emails to different recipients based on the area code, generate an email every time a call does not meet or it exceeds a set threshold, or create a notification for particular Adwords campaign.

Many businesses don't have the call volume to support dedicated phone numbers, let alone a full blown call center, which makes Mongoose an accessible and affordable solution for the little guy. If you have multiple products or market segments, consider assigning a Mongoose number to each.


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