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Posted by tom klein August 11, 2008

There are a number of web analytics tools, but they’re not all created equal. With some, there’s a delay of up to a day before you have access to visitor data.

Not so with Clicky. Clicky is a free web analytics tool, designed to provide hyper-detailed information about your site visitors and their activities. With Clicky, you get real time specifics- location, language, operating system, browser, and screen resolution- for each visitor and a log of their every click on your site. Clicky is Ajax and Flash-friendly, so interactions that were hard to track before are now possible.

Clicky has you covered in the information delivery department too, with a slew of widgets and plugins:

  • iGoogle Clicky Dashboard- mimics your real Clicky dashboard in look and functionality, displaying all available traffic data.
  • Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget- displays basic daily stats in your sidebar; details are a mere click away.
  • Feedburner RSS- get your Clicky stats in a convenient RSS feed.
  • WordPress Plugin- integrates seamlessly in your self-hosted Wordpress blog. Automatically tag blog visitors for analysis.

Of course, if you prefer the old fashioned way, Clicky offers its own user-friendly interface. To get started, create a Clicky account and add your site(s). Clicky will generate a two-line code, unique to each registered site, to place on your site. The basic service is free, but premium plans are available. Every new sign-up gets a free 21-day trial of the Professional service, which goes for $9.99/ month.

Remember, web data is so important, you might just want to use multiple services to make sure you’re not missing something.

Clicky was designed for smaller websites and blogs, but it's not hard to see why more complex (i.e media-rich) sites might adopt this web analyzer. Clicky tracks interactions with Javascript, Ajax, and Flash, as well as downloads and external links.

Your site visitors are more than just random IP addresses. With Clicky, you can give each site visitor a unique name and track their custom data and action logs under that pseudonym - a handy tool if you are following the habits of a curious online shopper or monitoring the performance of a new ad campaign.



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  2. Very interesting tool--especially the free part and the Feedburner and the WordPress plugin. Got to love instant gratification. I wish you would do a follow up post--complete with charts--comparing clicky functionality and features to its biggest--and baddest--competitor in the FREE analytics tool game: Google Analytics (GA). Soon to be Web Analytics Association certified Web Analyst. Kiy posted on

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