That's the last straw Use texting to develop customer insight with StrawPoll

Posted by tom klein March 5, 2008

Sometimes a speedy answer that’s at least directionally accurate is better than a slow one that’s definite.

One way to reach everyone in a poll is to use text messaging, as you’ll see in StrawPoll, built using Twitter. It’s a simple system that sends out a poll question per day and then lets you respond and have your vote counted by replying with a text message. Here’s how you can see it in action. Sign up for a Twitter account. Choose to “follow” the StrawPoll by simply clicking on the follow button. Then, all you have to do is wait to be notified of the next question. Once you receive it, reply by twittering [email protected] .” This system will capture the results. What’s interesting here isn’t seeing which is the more important superhero power, flight or invisibility.

It’s getting a glimpse into how you might use a tool like this one to gather information from your customers, your employees, or your channel partners. Don’t you think that you would benefit from more input to help make the right decisions?

Straw Poll is an example of a mashup. It’s a service that takes advantage of another web based service to create something new. You can find out more in this guide to how to make your own mashup.

While it’s not likely to be helpful to get input for every decision, you could imagine that it would be helpful to know about things like competitor activity, important customer feedback, reactions to new product sales, and even up to date sales numbers.

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