Spear, double, and starlight Analyze site statistics in a glance with Mint

Posted by tom klein August 31, 2007

Every website creates new data with every click. With everything else you have to manage, how can you not get overwhelmed, while staying on top of what’s happening?

While there are many options for web analysis (see Follow the yellow brick road), try Mint if you’re looking for an option that’s very user friendly and up to the minute. Mint is an extensible, self-hosted web site analytics program, with a flexible dashboard that lets you view site visits, referrers, popular pages and searches all at once (see the live demo). The best analytics tool isn’t doing you any good if no one is looking at it.

Mint is something of a DIY option, requiring the addition of script on each of your web pages and the download of software to your server. A license is available for a flat fee of $30 for each installation. While there are free analysis tools (and one that’s much anticipated but not yet here from Microsoft ) and more expensive versions, consider Mint if a simple interface will get more people to pay attention.

One of the special aspects of Mint is the fact that it’s a platform that supports additional plugins, both official and community based. By downloading and enabling new plugins, you can improve the functionality in between official system upgrades.

The community created plugins present options that you might not receive from your current system - such as getting notified when certain users visit your site. Would you do something differently if you knew when your best customers were visiting your web site or blog?


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