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Posted by tom klein September 28, 2007

giants that exist today and why the banks we remember from our youth . . . have disappeared. The concept is cross-selling. While there are some great examples of the concept being more than an illusion, nearly everyone has a lot of work to do to really make it happen.

If you’re ready to figure out exactly how to do that, Offermatica offers the tools that can help you answer two simple, but important questions. First, what products should I cross-sell, when? Second, where (on the site) and how (what creative) should I execute a cross-sell? Much like our conversation about site optimization in The Dating Game, this system lets you identify the variables in the equation. Then, as traffic visits and you gather data about all of the potential scenarios, the system will narrow the potential choices down to the best one. It uses the power of the web and your flow of traffic to optimize how you sell.

As they describe in this e-tailing related article, the benefit is real – more sales, profit, and share. And, since you’re really just optimizing the revenue that you get from existing customers, it’s often the most efficient way to improve your results. Don’t let the numbers or process scare you. There’s no reason to be guessing.

To get going with this web-based application, you will need to load your website (and variable) content, then add a small amount of javascript to the pages to be optimized, then the test campaign is ready to go. Oh, and you’ll no doubt need to fork over some dough.

You may need to do some "cross-marketing" to be able to really excel at cross-selling. That means that you’ll need to understand how different products come together to create real value. Don’t be constrained by the need to have a product in inventory to sell it. You can use tools like this to test the sale of related products and then just use somehow else to deliver, while you get smarter.


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