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Posted by tom klein March 25, 2008

Every website generates a mountain of data. Every visit, every click can be recorded, then sifted, analyzed, and parsed. Oh, you can find out what your visitors are doing.

Just not why they’re doing it. To do that, you have to ask them. That’s the need served by 4Q. It’s a free, 4 question survey tool. When visitors arrive at your site, they are presented with an invitation to participate in a survey after their session. If they accept, a second, minimized window, which contains the survey itself, is launched and waits in the background for the visitor to complete the site visit (see the overview video).

Sign up, create your survey, generate the survey code, place it on your site, and then you’re ready to go. Go on. Don’t you want to know more about why your site visitors do what they do?

The invitation rate can be adjusted at any time on you site’s survey. However, you should be very careful. Just because it’s easy to survey many of your visitors, it doesn’t mean that you should.

Wondering what you might ask in your site survey? Analytics guru Avinash Kaushik (developer of 4Q with iperceptions) suggests you use the opportunity to get your site visitors to answer the following burning questions: How satisfied are you? What are you on site to do? Are you able to complete what you set out to do? What are your thoughts (open end)?


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