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Posted by maggie.hunsucker May 1, 2009

mixpanel-logoThere’s more to web analytics than just visitor counts and page views.  In fact, the right data can tell you what people are doing on your site and drive design decisions that capitalize on these interactions.

That’s the idea behind Mixpanel.  It’s an analytics solution that focuses strictly on user behavior.  It measures interactions with individual design elements, like which images get more views or if a blue button is clicked more than a green, as well as on-site media and applications, like how many people watch a video or what features are getting the most use.  You can then apply this information to your site design and create a better user experience.   Another nifty feature of Mixpanel is the ability to do A/B Testing, which means you can measure the effects of your various site changes.  No guess work, just smart design decisions based on real user data. Here’s a few other things you can do with MixPanel:

  • Measure returning visitors over time – who comes back and interacts with your site days later
  • Categorize and label user actions into a hierarchy to improve understanding
  • Compare analytics for the same day over time to understand traffic trends
  • Measure average interactions per user or total interactions by week
  • Create projects within Mixpanel and invite team members

Mixpanel is a similar to a white label solution, which means you don’t have to develop from scratch, but it’s not as cut-and-dry to implement as say Google Analytics.  MixPanel does offer free trials, but you will have to contact them directly to get a quote.   For now, you can demo the product on their site.

Mixpanel also offers up their API to developers and makes it easy to create custom metrics and reporting - so you can actually add on to Mixpanel's capabilities. The service has libraries available for Javascript, Python, Ruby and PHP, as well as an API Console for testing.

User experience is an important factor, if not "the" important factor, when designing or altering your website. It's part art, part science, and until now, there weren't many tools available to the public to collect this type of data and test design iterations.



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  1. Hi Maggie, thanks for the plug--let me know if there's anything we can do to help :-) Suhail posted on
  2. MixPanel sounds like a very cool tool. I'm always looking for things that help me see how people interact with websites and web elements. I'll definitely be checking this out. Stephanie Valentine posted on

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