New from Hasbro! Measure and optimize your mobile marketing investments with Bango

Posted by maggie.hunsucker May 6, 2009


Mobile marketing has arrived, but oddly, mobile analytics hasn’t.  We can’t imagine one without the other.  After all, how do you know if any of your investments are working?  But, the majors haven’t stepped up and produced a viable mobile analytics platform yet.

That’s where Bango comes in. Bango is an independent analytics provider that gives you real-time stats on your mobile website, ad campaign, or search marketing efforts. It can even keep tabs on smartphone users who access your regular site and advertising through their phone’s web browser – regardless of their connection.  A nifty feature since most smartphone users toggle between WiFi and their phone’s network, like 3G.  The service works by assigning each visitor (more accurately, their device) a unique identifier.  Bango then tracks individual user data and history (e.g. what device are they on, where are they located, which network they are), as well as general website analytics like page views, time on site, unique visits, referring sites, conversions, etc.  In other words, actionable data you can use to measure and optimize your mobile marketing efforts.


So how does Bango work? Simple, just add an invisible image tag to the webpages your want tracked or a tracking link to your search and banner ad campaigns.  Users won’t know it’s there, and Bango doesn’t interrupt any of their site activities.   Of course, you will need to sign up for the service, which will run $50-500/month depending on the level of data you want and your web traffic.  Bango also offers custom pricing for corporate packages.   You can demo Bango by signing up for a free starter account (30 day trial).

There’s no need to stumble around in the dark.  Mobile analytics exist, and they can help you make informed decisions when it comes to your brand’s mobile prescence and marketing efforts.

Bango is also a mobile payment gateway, so you can set-up subscription or pay-per-download services for your mobile content. Coupled with Bango's analytics, you can analyze transactions, see what campaigns are leading to the most conversions, and even identify who your most loyal/returning customers are.

It may seem like everyone has a smartphone these days, but the reality is, most cell phone users have limited internet access and rely on mobile versions of your website. If you haven't already, it's a good idea to create one. Mofuse, an idea we discussed in Moe's Tavern can crank out a simple mobile version in minutes.


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