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Posted by tom klein October 2, 2007

There’s always been a fork in the road when it comes to developing a site that sells. While the Flash animation path is engaging and sometimes slick, it has always been very difficult to measure. For this reason, many sites that are serious about tracking usage have gone the other way.

Thanks to tools like MochiBot, you can now track the performance of flash-based website content. As you’ll see in this demo, by embedding a code in your flash content, this free tracking tool will keep you apprised of precisely how many people are viewing your animation, no matter where it goes. While embedding the special code will require the assistance of a friendly flash guru, you’ll at last be able to get a sense of how often a site visitor might view your animation. This tool doesn’t answer everything you would want to know, but it’s a great start.

We have a flash animation that we just love and hope you do too. Up until now, we’ve had no idea how many times our visitors have seen it. We won’t be wondering anymore.

In addition to being tough to track views of flash content, there’s always been another problem. Many people just copy flash content to their own site, meaning that the content can move around the web and be hosted in an unlimited number of locations. This system tracks views of your animation no matter where it’s hosted.

Be very careful when you use Flash-based animation. While it can be tempting to use it gratuitously, remember that your site visitors want to get to information quickly. Use animation to tell your story or to transform complicated into simple. Boring doesn’t sell. Simple does.


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