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Posted by maggie.hunsucker July 17, 2009

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It’s hard to get a handle on who your audience is and what content they enjoy on your site or blog.   We know visitors only as IP addresses.  Engagement is measured in raw clicks and time spent on page – impersonal and often inaccurate markers for audience preferences.

A service called Crowd Science can help you get a more informed read on your visitors.   Crowd Science uses random mini-surveys to collect audience demographics and insights.  Based on the information you feed Crowd Science during the sign-up process (i.e. your blog’s category), the service will administer relevant and research-tested questions to site visitors.  Of course, you can add/edit questions to suit your needs and preview the “audience experience” before turning the surveys on.

The surveys are relatively innocuous (usually a small pop-up) and can be customized/branded to your liking.   They’re arbitrarily served to audience members and administered on site. You can view all data in real-time from your Crowd Science interface, but the service suggests having 50+ responses for a statistically significant analysis.  Crowd Science runs harmoniously with other analytics tools and ad platforms.  Like Google Analytics, you need only add a small script to the HTML of your page to activate the service.

Learning more about your audience and maximizing content engagement is reason enough to use Crowd Science (why not, the basic version is free).  You can also use this service to help monetize your site or blog.   Crowd Science gives you the ability to create a custom media kit and share it with advertisers and interested parties.  The audience data you’ve been collecting all along will make a stronger case for advertisers who want to target specific audience segments.

Crowd Science offers periodic webinars on best practices in online research polling and how to develop more targeted questions. The next one will be held July 20th on Getting higher CPM's with better demographic research

If you truly want to connect with your audience, don't extrapolate insights from web data (i.e. Google Analytics); get it straight from the horse's mouth. Regular blog readers often enjoy the opportunity to tell you how they feel and what type of content they dig.


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