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Posted by maggie.hunsucker April 6, 2009

While Google Analytics and Omniture are the reigning champs of site analytics, they do have limitations.   And with the blink-and-you-miss-it pace of blogs and social tools like Twitter, delayed website analytics can keep you from capitalizing on traffic-driving opportunities.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your website activity with Chartbeat.  Chartbeat is a live analytics tool with a snazzy dashboard that monitors all your site activity as it’s happening.  Literally, watch as users jump around pages, see who is reading, who is writing (effective for blogs and commenting sites), and who is just idling, and for how long.   You also get information on raw hits and linking pages, referring site or search engine, Twitter conversations, and hard links to your site (and how long they have been linking).


Chartbeat is the type of tool you can keep running in the background, checking in as content changes or a new link to your site gets published.  If you don’t have the time or the inclination, you can set-up system alerts (text or email notifications) when your traffic spikes or pages load too slowly.  You can also use Chartbeat’s widget suite to monitor the number of people on your pages, top pages, top referring sites, and more.

Chartbeat costs $10/month per account, but you can have multiple domains and users accessing your account.   The service is offering a free month upfront, but you will need a Paypal account to get started.  Setting up Chartbeat is as simple as adding a line of JavaScript to your site.

Your website is arguably your most important digital marketing investment.  Paid search, social media, and interactive advertising are really just vehicles for driving traffic to your site – and the more tools you utilize, the greater visibility you need.

Chartbeat offers full access to the data it pulls from your domain through JSON, so you can utilize or re-purpose your analytics data as you see fit, without having to login to the site

Real-time not your thing? Just switch to the Historical view. Chartbeat provides interactive graphs that shows you site and user activity over the course of month, broken down by new users and returning users.


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