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Posted by maggie.hunsucker September 15, 2009

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There’s no shortage of website monitoring tools.  While most are free and easy to use, it can be a lot of grunt work to compile data from all those sources.

Try using Quarkbase instead.  This services provides a quick snapshot of your website or blog, including a site overview (surprisingly, dead-on), traffic stats, similar sites, social popularity, and much much more.

All information is presented clearly and concisely, so you don’t have to root around for the good stuff.  Actually, Quarkbase only gives you the good stuff.  It took a single glance for me to see:

  • My traffic is increasing, but social activity is low
  • I have a new crop of competitors (some I didn’t know existed)
  • Who’s Tweeting, Digging, and Delicious bookmarking my articles
  • How my blog is publicly perceived

The latter tidbit being very useful if you’re trying to get a better handle on who your audience is and why they come to your site.

Quarkbase is a free tool.  All you have to do is enter your URL (or any URL) in the search bar, and you’re set.  There’s also the added benefit of checking out stats on your competitors.   Given that there are blogs of all sizes, shapes, and flavors out there, it’s hard to tell how your site should be performing.

Quarkbase website information

Quarkbase even gives you a rundown of all the tools used to power your site. For example, it knew all the analytics software installed on this blog.

Quarkbase also provides a list of Fastest Growing Websites, Top Web Tools, Top Hosting Providers, and Sites with Competing traffic, so you can see who the players really are.


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