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Posted by tom klein June 26, 2008

There are several analytics services on the market to help you gauge your web site’s traffic and overall popularity. But if all you really want to know is how you are faring against your biggest competitors, there’s a new, but very big kid on the block.

Google Trends for websites is essentially a tool for showing how popular your website is. It generates a snapshot of site traffic and compares results with (up to 4) other sites. Instantly see:

  • daily unique visitors (with graph)
  • where they are located
  • what other sites they have visited
  • what they are searching for (by terms)

Google Trends is free and available to Google accounts holders (which is also free). See if your big competitor offline is really your biggest competitor online by comparing the number of unique visitors. Find out what search terms your visitors are typing beside your brand name, then reevaluate your SEM strategy. You can even identify stealth competitors by seeing what other sites your visitors flock to.

So whether you’re looking for competitive intelligence or just plain curious, check out Google Trends for websites and see where your site stands.

Google utilizes a smorgasbord of sources to populate the information in Google Trends for websites, including their own search data, aggregated opt-in data from Google Analytics, consumer panels, and third-party market researchers. True to form, they reveal the ingredients, but won't divulge the recipe.

Competitive intel is the stuff that just shows up from all over the place. The sales force sends in stuff, you might subscribe to services, you might even pay a consultant to hang out in smoky bars in your competitor's home town. Now there's a new source, that can be integrated into your thinking on a more regular basis.


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