Bored of dreck doors? Use web assessment to identify needs like

Posted by tom klein January 23, 2008

Sometimes it’s hard to really define how much your customers need your product or service without doing a little bit of analysis up front.

Here’s some inspiration for everyone who maybe needed a bit more time in high school typing class –

Use this simple but engaging example of a typing test to inspire you to think about what sort of test you might administer online. When you gather customer data, you instantly have something to talk about, an opportunity to invite your customer to contact you, or even a chance to sell something right there. For this site, it would probably make sense to sell typing software, typing lessons, or even access to a typing service.

If you’re skeptical about how using testing can help you understand a customer need, maybe you need … a free marketing checkup?

This highly interactive site is built using Adobe Flash. With a relatively minor incremental effort beyond creating a simple website, you can create a site that administers a test and is as easy to use as a regular desktop software application.

When you ask a potential buyer to take or submit to a test, you’re really investing in data gathering so you can customize a solution. In the online world, you can automate this approach, making the incremental investment minor and the potential upside significant.


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