Who is the Queen Bee? Track trends on Facebook with Lexicon

Posted by tom klein April 17, 2008

As we discussed in What’s new pussycat? Google offers the ability to track trends by reviewing what’s getting searched for. While this can be interesting, it doesn’t really represent what people are actually talking about. For example, while the Presidential race is on everyone’s lips, not everyone is sitting around conducting web searches on the well-known candidates (well, maybe in PA this week).

While 2001’s Hal is still the best lip reader, Facebook’s Lexicon gives you a new vehicle for tracking trends. It works in very much the same way as Google’s trend reading tool, but instead of looking at searches, it counts the number of occurrences of every term across profiles, groups and event Walls every day. All you have to do is put in two terms separated by comma and you’ll get an instant read on who’s winning the buzz war.

Wondering how your brand is resonating with Facebook users? Here’s a good way to find out (oh, and it’s free, of course).

The system strips out all personally identifiable information so that there is no way to track a mention back to a specific person. While brand owners would love to be able to, privacy requirements make it unlikely to happen.

While this is a relatively crude tool, sometimes that’s all you need to know. We’re hopeful that they will add some kind of targeting or fine-tuning in the future. If you’re wondering whether you should sponsor Rihanna or Beyoncé on tour (the answer is that it depends on the time of year), here’s a way to get a quick read at least on what people are talking about.


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