What's on Tweety's mind? Mine Twitter for brand news with Tweet Beep

Posted by tom klein May 19, 2008

Twitter (see Stay close to Mother Hen) is a micro-blogging site that’s easy to use from just about anywhere – by phone or computer. It has been embraced by a segment of the tech savvy population. What you may not know is that it’s also a potential source of information about your brand, depending on your target.

TweetBeep is a simple tool that will let you monitor the conversation among the digerati. Are they talking about you or your competitor? Is there something important happening in your marketplace that you need to know about? All you need to do is sign up, choose your targeted key words, and then you’ll be notified if they’re among the “tweets” of the day.

It’s a simple, free investment that could keep you ahead of the crowd.

As reported by Twitterfacts, there are probably close to 1 million Twitter users. While they're not all using the system all the time, it has an outsized influence on the tech community for its size.

It may seem strange, but private profile twittering can also be helpful for bringing together your teams or work groups. Remember, you can convert your stream of comments to a feed and put it wherever you like - keeping everyone up to date with a big deal or a big project.


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