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Posted by maggie.hunsucker September 29, 2009

wize search engine logoProduct recommendation sites have evolved beyond good product/bad product reviews.   The new breed actually looks at search behavior and serves up products based on specific customer needs.

Take for example.  It gathers and analyzes product reviews from hundreds of sites, including  Amazon, BestBuy, CNET, Target, and Walmart.  Wize recently rolled out some new features and an upgraded search algorithm.  The gist being, customers don’t have to sift through countless product reviews to find “the best dishwasher for energy efficiency” or “the worst camera for night shots”.  Wize finds these results for them.

wize product review search engine

While this is an impressive feat from a semantic search perspective, we think marketers could use a site like to their advantage.   For example, what features are being highlighted about your product?  Who are your competitors by feature?  Not to mention, the obvious – are the reviews favorable?

Wize is geared towards consumer goods, so we wouldn’t recommend it for a service industry or general brand monitoring.   The idea here is to learn how customers are searching for/finding your products – and more importantly, what is leading to a sale.

Wize also pulls in results from social sites. In addition to customer reviews, users can read real-time tweets that mention the product they are interested in.

Overall, we're pretty impressed with Wize's offering. The site is easy to navigate, and it succeeds in being a useful shopping resource. You can search by product/brand name, category (health & beauty, electronics, etc), product type, or browse Wize's recommendations based on their own search algorithm.


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