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Posted by maggie.hunsucker February 17, 2009

trackur-logo1We’ve made the business case for monitoring your online reputation in Danger, Will Robinson and Name Dropper. However, sometimes you need to know more than just the number of times your brand is mentioned. You need to know how individual campaigns are performing, too.

Trackur scours social media sites (blogs, bookmarks, etc), as well as news, image, and video sites to give you a comprehensive picture of your brand’s health.  It then takes this information and identifies trends associated with your personal keywords and who your key influencers are, complete with an analysis of their site, traffic, and your history on their site.   So if you’re looking to evaluate a marketing campaign’s effectiveness or discover new channels for advertising, Trackur has done the leg work for you.

Setting up a Trackur search is pretty straightforward.  Depending on your account type, you can save 3, 15, or 150 keyword searches (with a sophisticated filtering system to keep out the riffraff) that update daily.     You can opt to receive real-time notifications through email or RSS – or just check your Trackur dashboard.   You can also share matches with your colleagues, bookmark for easy retrieval, and add comments.  A personal Trackur plan will set you back $18/month, while corporate and enterprise packages run from $88 – 197 dollars.   There is a a two-week free trial, which we love to hear.

The reality of the situation is – you can’t stop or censor online conversations, but you can learn to harness them to promote (or in some instances defend) your brand.

Trackur offers an agency version of their services to accommodate professionals in the marketing and public relations business. You get a co-branded product with unlimited searches and unlimited client profiles and reporting.

Trackur builds on the same concept as Google Alerts, but makes it more comprehensive (Google Alerts only monitors content through its own search engine) and adds features like Trackur Trends and Trackur Influence to help you quickly identify the most important conversations and name mentions.


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