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Posted by maggie.hunsucker July 1, 2009

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Analytics drive most of our marketing decisions, but numbers without context can be misleading.   Can a surge in sales be attributed to a celebrity being seen with your product?  Is a well-timed viral promotion driving Twitter chatter?

Separate legitimate trends from the the noise with Trendrr.  This service tracks the saturation level of products, brands, music, politics – whatever you want really – across different sites and media.   You can set up a custom trend search or browse data graphs that others are tracking (which is kinda like a trend within a trend).

The free version lets you track 10 items and pick and choose the sites and media you want to focus on.   For example, you can choose specific search engines or blog networks, Twitter, Flickr, Craigslist, Amazon, and various video sites.  Really, the list goes on and on.   You can also create mashups, pitting one topic against the other.   Readwriteweb did a rather amusing comparison of Rick Astley album sales vs. Rick Roll plays on YouTube last year.   The internet prank actually helped the 80’s classic sell records.

Trendrr doesn’t provide the black and white stats you may be used to, but it is a great tool for gauging the popularity and social awareness of a topic.   You can track more data with the Pro version and have access to advanced reporting tools.  Prices range from $49 to $999/month for larger organizations and media agencies.

You can create custom mashups with your own company data and graphs thanks to Trendrr's custom API. Of course, this option is only available to professional (paying) users.

Trendrr has a nice social component to the service, so you can share your graphs with others. By including tags, you can make you data more easily searchable and vice versa.


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