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Posted by tom klein November 6, 2007

It seems as if everything in life is turning into one structured hierarchy after another. Everything has to fit into an iPod-like organization scheme. Or does it?

When you need to think creatively, try using to venture into unstructured thinking. It’s so easy to use that it doesn’t really need much explanation. Create a bubble, add a bubble, then move things around with reckless abandon. Great ideas don’t usually spring forth from a lot of structure. Mind maps, the output of this tool, are well known tools for visualizing and classifying ideas.

Once you’ve created your maps, you can share them, put them on a website, email them, or just save them as an image. Oh, and don’t forget. It’s free.

Need to think through how you’re going to tackle that tough competitor? Or maybe develop that next new product. Try creating a mind map.

You’ll notice that the system features capabilities that are normally just found in desktop software. You can thank Flash and AJAX for bringing richer functionality to the web.

We’re big fans of Roger Von Oech’s’s numerous approaches to rekindling your creative fires. Consider using several tools together to really blow your mind (in a good way).


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  1. Here is another really good collaborative web-based mind mapping tool that might be worth looking at Omar posted on

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