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Posted by maggie.hunsucker August 21, 2009

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Using an RSS Reader is a great way to stay on top of industry news and trends.  You can easily digest an hour’s worth of content in about 5 minutes of headlines.

But what if you want to access content while away from the desk – or – better yet, being away from your desk is the only time you have to catch up on news articles?

Try using a service like Tabbloid, which converts all your RSS feeds into a printable PDF newspaper.   There’s no cost or account set-up involved.   Simply plug your RSS subscriptions into Tabbloid, and the service generates a personal edition just for you.  You can even schedule recurring Tabbloids by supplying your email address and setting a delivery frequency (daily, weekly, etc…).

Tabbloid is a great option for the road warrior who has downtime at the airport and in between client meetings, especially if you’re not packing a laptop or smartphone (or just despise reading micro-print on a micro-screen).  The service works smoothly, and the PDF document is quite readable.  There is, however, one tiny hiccup.

My Tabbloid didn’t pull the full story, just the headline and lead sentence/paragraph.  This isn’t Tabbloid’s fault, but rather, the result of how a blog is published and where the page divider (i.e. “read more” tag) is inserted.  Regular RSS readers are probably used to this convention, because the full story is always a click away.  Tabbloid headlines do link to the on-site article, but if you’re looking at a printout, that’s not exactly useful.

I found with some creative editing to my RSS list, the problem could be fixed (e.g. feed growth! publishes full articles for your easy viewing pleasure).

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Many sites, including our own, pull feed content from other sources. You can easily add Delicious bookmarks, Tumblr blogs, and anything with a JSON API to your site.

Tabbloid is actually an HP product. No hidden agenda here (psych). The more you print, the more likely you are to need printing supplies like paper and ink, which HP happens to sell.


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