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Posted by tom klein August 30, 2007

When you have an idea for a new product, it’s easy to fall in love with your own thinking. How do you make sure you get third-party, left-brain perspective?

Spigit for startups is a community of people who are interested in providing feedback regarding startups. If you’re considering launching a web-based business or product (though some non digital products are featured as well, such as these wind turbines), here’s a good way to get some feedback. Members of the community are provided a place for describing their new product or company. Then, other community members provide feedback and vote on the viability of the effort (spigs are good, scraps are bad).

While there’s a gaming aspect to the site (a mock stock market), what tends to be the most helpful are the individual comments, often highlighting competitive products or feature deficits. If you’re looking for some fast and inexpensive feedback, consider starting with Spigit.

The site cannot offer any special patent protection for new ideas. Accordingly, you should only post ideas, new products, services or companies when you are comfortable with publicly contributing them.

When submitting an idea or concept, the more detailed you make the description, the better your feedback will be. Even if they’re not finished materials, consider adding video, selling materials, or anything that will help get the idea cross.


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