Johnny on the spot Gather competitive intelligence photos using GoSee4me

Posted by tom klein December 4, 2007

Few companies can afford a gargantuan sales force that can constantly scan the marketplace for new products and new competitors. Wouldn’t it be great to get all the benefits of a big sales force when it comes to market sensing, without having to pay for one?

GoSee4me can be “the eyes of the king” by letting you bid out photography assignments anywhere in the country. Sign up for an account, indicate what you’re looking for (maybe pictures of your competitor’s new product?), start the auction, then choose from the bids of photographers. You don’t have to fly around the country to see what your competitors are doing.

Just get someone who lives there to walk across the street and snap a photo.

This system uses the same auctioning process that sits behind web giants like Google and eBay. This application of an auction to create a new service should inspire you to take another look at your own business and think about how you might bring buyers and sellers together.

This service doesn’t have to be used for competitive intelligence. You may want to use it to have someone check out the hotel ballroom for your sales meeting or the suite you’ve chosen for your honeymoon.


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