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Posted by tom klein February 1, 2008

No one could have predicted that even when you arrive to the most senior positions in a company, that all of that fancy office space wouldn’t matter. You’re still going to be locked into a 21 inch screen.

Make this the year that you improve your own ability to manage across multiple projects by adding another computer monitor to your Mac or PC. Now that nearly everything can and does exist in digital form, it just doesn’t make sense to limit yourself to a small monitor. In a 2004 study, one hundred eight university and non university personnel participated in a comparison of single monitor, multi-monitor configurations. Respondents edited slide shows, spreadsheets and text documents in a simulation of office work, using each of the display arrays.Multi-screens scored significantly higher on every measure. Ask an investment banker who might use a Bloomberg terminal. Yep – multiple monitors really do make more possible.

Why don’t you twist some arms in your IT department or just pick up a nice monitor from CostCo this weekend? If you’re running marketing and spread too thin, maybe the place to invest in improvement is right on your desktop.

These days, whether you use a PC or a Mac, setting up an additional monitor should take just a few minutes. You’ll have one computer, but just have a much bigger desktop - ideal for keeping important windows open, moving around larger windows - just getting stuff done.

What’s remarkable here is that the monitor companies don’t seem to have figured out how to market this benefit to PC users. Even the most senior people in a company can be found futzing around with travel-friendly but inefficient laptops while in the office.


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