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Posted by maggie.hunsucker July 22, 2009

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We review all sorts of sites and services on feed growth! and walk a fine line between recommendation and just the facts.   If you’re looking for someone to give you the low-down on how a product or service works or if an e-commerce site is trustworthy, check out SiteJabber Beta.

SiteJabber is a recommendation community for websites.  Think Yelp for online properties, instead of brick-and-mortar businesses.   The idea being, before you invest time in a site (or money in the products it promotes), see what people are saying.

SiteJabber is arranged by topic (Business, Shopping, Health, Music, Technology, etc), but you can also search by name or check out the most loved websites, the most hated websites, and latest reviews from the homepage.  You can write a review yourself (requires registration), request a review from the community, or answer someone else’s request.

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We were curious to see if any of our feed growth! ideas had met with praise or criticism.   We did find reviews for Tumblr, Twitter, and Google’s GrandCentral, as well as write-ups on established sites like Mashable and TechCrunch.  However, SiteJabber just launched, so it will take some time for the site to populate with the smaller guys and start-ups.

We do like where it’s going.  There is a need for transparency in online business.  As publishing and e-commerce platforms become more abundant and easy to use (not to mention free), we’ll continue to see more sites pop up – good and bad.

Firefox users can install a SiteJabber add-on to their toolbar that will tell them if the site they are visiting has been reviewed by the SiteJabber Community.

Facebook Connect proves itself useful again. Facebook users can automatically log into SiteJabber and publish reviews that they write to their wall.


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