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Posted by maggie.hunsucker February 20, 2009

crazyegg_logo1Ever wonder what visitors are doing on your website?  Most analytics tools can give you the raw breakdown – 50 clicks on this page, 3 minutes on that page – but no real insight into visitor behavior.  For example, are your ads getting more attention than your content? Do more people linger over your RSS subscription icon than actually sign up?

Wonder no more. Crazy Egg can help you demystify visitor behavior and patterns.  This service adds a visual layer to search analysis, and because not everyone digests data the same way, it offers 4 different “views” or interpretations of that data.  Overlay is the most straightforward view, pinpointing visitor actions and data directly on your site as one might a tack on a map.  Individual points expand and display the number of clicks, the percentage of user interest, and referring sites.


Heatmap is a definite crowd pleaser, giving you an infrared overlay of site activity; the brighter the light, the hotter the interest.  In the screenshot below, I can see that advertising has gotten a lot of attention over the past 2 days.   Supported by the breakdowns in the Overlay view, I now have actionable data that can help drive my editorial decisions (i.e. look for more advertising ideas on feed growth!). There is also a basic List view and a Confetti view that shows you the Top 15 referring sites, search terms, operating systems, and browser types – information that tells you who your audience is.


Crazy Egg packages range from $9 to $99/month, depending on your traffic and the number of pages you want to track.   If you’re getting more than 10,000 visitors a month, you probably want to upgrade from the basic.  Adding CrazyEgg is a breeze too, just paste a line of JavaScript into your site and you’ll have real-time visual analytics.

Real-time reporting and RSS/email notifications will keep you on top of your site activity. CrazyEgg even allows you to set up tests, so you can monitor specific behaviors on pages during a set time frame - say during a promotion or when you're testing a new site design.

Crazy Egg data can be useful for your advertisers too. Heatmaps can illustrate user interactions in a way traditional analytics can't. For example, a concentration of heat around a particular ad may prove that people are hovering over an advertisement, though not always clicking on it.


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