Crowd pleaser Get real-time, mobile-enabled polling results with Poll Everywhere

Posted by maggie.hunsucker December 1, 2008

Unless you possess an uncanny ability to read a crowd, you could probably use a little real-time feedback while making a presentation or sales pitch.

Poll Everywhere is an application that lets users participate in a poll with their mobile phone (via text message) or a web browser. You can view responses in real-time through the Poll Everywhere site or embed them in your personal website and/or PowerPoint presentation. Just to make that last point crystal clear – you can show the results of an open poll in a live setting, like a conference or company meeting, and Poll Everywhere will update your presentation as the the results come in.

You can get unlimited free polls with 30 or fewer responses or pay a monthly subscription based on the maximum number of responses you are willing to accept. Participants are, of course, responsible for text-related charges; however, web-enabled smart phone users can vote through their web browser. Polls can be multiple choice questions, with predetermined answers, free-form text, or a pledge poll.

The pledge poll is great for fund raising efforts – Poll Everywhere will actually call pledgers back on your behalf, process their payment, then turn around and cut you a check.

You can customize the look of your poll, including colors and fonts, to help align your poll with your brand or company image. And, Poll Everywhere provides you with downloadable reporting features and the ability to track answers by user across multiple polls.

Want to set your self apart at your next conference or sales presentation? Here’s how.

Don't want to sacrifice too much real estate? Poll Everywhere offers poll widgets for your blog or website, giving users the functionality to vote directly from the widget and see all results afterward.

Traditionally, to get this type of real-time voting functionality at a conference, you'd have to hire a company to manage the polling process and pay for their voting software and handsets. Poll Everywhere is such a simple and inexpensive solution, making use of hardware you already have - your mobile phone.


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