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Posted by maggie.hunsucker March 4, 2009


Marketing research doesn’t always have to cost a ton or require months to process.  Sometimes, all you need is some quick and dirty feedback to help steer your course.

That’s where Twtpoll comes in.   It’s a simple survey tool that lets you tap into the collective knowledge – or opinion – of your Twitter followers or website visitors.  Twtpoll is a free service.  To create your own poll, fill in your Twitter username, your poll question, and multiple choice answers.   Twtpoll automatically generates a web-based version of your poll that you can share through your Twitter or Facebook account – or embed into your site or blog.   While you don’t have to give the service your account information, you will need to login to the respective sites after you are redirected.   You have the option of tweeting your the poll URL through Twitter or posting on your Facebook profile or sending as a message to your friends.  Here’s an example of a poll and/or poll results in a webpage:

Here’s the skinny:  Twitter boasts approximately 4.1 million US users/month, with an audience makeup that is young, educated, and tech-savvy – a virtual gold mine demographic for marketing insights.  If you’ve built a decent following through Twitter (or Facebook) or already have a fair amount of site traffic, here is an opportunity to capitalize on those connections.  We’re not saying stake your reputation on Twtpoll or make it the centerpiece of your marketing strategy, but it is highly useful for seeing how the crowd will react.  If your looking to introduce a new product or service, or make a change to an old favorite, keep Twtpoll on your shortlist.

The creator of Twtapps also works on YowTrip, a social network dedicated to world travelers. You can connect with old friends, share your travel lore through blogs, pictures, or video, or let the service match you with people who have the same travel plans as you.

Twtpoll is part of the Twtapps suite, which includes Twtvite and Twtcard - services that captialize on the simplicity and elegance of the Twitter platform. While you only get 140 characters to communicate, you can utilize various Twitter apps (and there are many) to give your tweets additional functionality and reach.


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