Danger, Will Robinson Monitor your brand in real time with Google Alerts

Posted by tom klein May 6, 2008

There’s really no reason that you can’t stay up to date with who’s talking about your brand. You can be on your way in about 15 seconds.

Just create a series of brand related alerts using Google Alerts. Enter your terms (try your most important brands), select what you would like to search, and then choose the frequency of reporting. If you’re looking to stay on top of what bloggers are saying, just choose blogs or the comprehensive alert. For example, I have created an alert for this blog. I receive a notification about fifteen minutes after a new post has been released.

With an alert set for your brand (or just about anything), you can be certain that you’re getting the latest word from the blogosphere. It’s a great way to avoid surprises (and no doubt look smarter than everyone who’s not quite so alert).

Polyglots can even subscribe to alerts in multiple languages. If you’re worried about your brand getting trashed in another language, set your language preferences, then visit the Google Alerts homepage and create alerts in that language.

Remember that this service works for just about anything that Google indexes. You should think about adding everything from specific SKU’s, product names, or even part numbers, depending on what floats your boat. There are few better and no cheaper ways to track what’s happening on the web related to your business.



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