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Posted by tom klein August 21, 2008

It’s hard to keep track of what your competitors are doing when they’re investing in marketing and selling materials that live both online and offline. However, you might want to think about pulling everything you know about a competitor into one place online (yes, instead of that file folder that you’re never going to dip into ever again).

You can do just that with a service like Pixily. Pixily can convert your competitors print ads, selling materials, or anything into an online document repository. Here’s how it works- Pixily provides you with pre-paid envelopes, similar to Netflix. Periodically mail all your important competitor or tracking documents – ads, selling materials, promotions, new packages- to Pixily. The service will scan and upload your documents to your account, where you can view, search, share, or download them later Pixily.  It will then mail your documents back to you, free of charge. Everything is securely saved and stored online, so you can choose whether to file the hard copies away, discard, or recycle.

Alternatively, you can scan your own documents and upload them to your Pixily account. The system accepts PDF’s and all Microsoft documents. Your online Pixily account is your document management hub. Quickly identify each document by the oversized thumbnails provided or do a quick search to locate a specific piece. You can also organize and group your documents into categories (e.g. Client Contracts) to create a virtual filing cabinet.

Pixily offers a range of pricing tiers to accommodate both small and large business. For $60/month, you receive 4 prepaid envelopes and a document capacity of 12,000 sheets. The free account gives you access to the Pixily file management system, but you are responsible for postage and can only store 200 pages. The service also offers a 30-day, risk-free trial.

So, go ahead and give it try. You’ve got nothing to lose, except all of that filing.

Pixily's keyword search capabilities help you zero in on the exact document you are looking for, whether its a file name, phrase, or bill amount. Future search improvements include the ability to restrict searches to particular groups or documents and exact phrase matching.

Going paperless has been a futile pursuit for many offices, simply because you don't know what to do with the hard copies of your documents. Pixily plans to offer a recycling program with their services, so you can opt to have them do the dirty work (actually, the clean work) for you.


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