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Posted by maggie.hunsucker January 9, 2009


People are increasingly using customer feedback to sway their online purchasing decisions. It’s funny how a review written by a complete stranger or a single star becomes the gospel truth when it’s time to buy.

Here’s the good news – customer feedback tools are no longer accessible to only those with deep pockets. A service called RatePoint offers a full suite of customer feedback tools at a reasonable price point. Even the smallest online retailer can afford RatePoint’s $18/month basic package, which includes feedback functionality, a dispute resolution center, survey and email-marketing tools, a user-friendly console, and analytics.

The core component of this package is the customer feedback center. After a customer leaves a rating (the 5 star system) or a review for your product, you can easily view and manage these comments in your personal Business Center. Most platforms only allow you to place feedback next to the product itself, but RatePoint lets you dynamically stream feedback on your testimonials page. The beauty here is the page actively updates from your account, eliminating the hassle of manual entry and supplying always-fresh and relevant site content. You can also add a rotating review spotlight widget to any page on your site, providing yet another avenue for promoting customer feedback.

The RatePoint Resolution Center is your safety net and a nice little feature at that. It provides you with a channel for managing and, if handled properly, eliminating negative customer feedback. When customers leave a bad review, the resolution center allows the parties to open a dialogue and address the issues before the bad review goes public. And we can’t forget the survey tools that come standard with this service. You can easily create and send customer satisfaction surveys, then review and analyze results within your RatePoint account.

Bottom line, if you are selling, people are talking. Here’s a service that will help you protect your online reputation and harness customer feedback as a powerful sales tool.

You can also place a feedback button on your website, allowing customers to weigh in on your products in general, as well as survey links on your invoices, business cards, or letters, directing clients and customers to your RatePoint feedback system.

There's something about that third-party seal of approval that lends your site instant credibility (think of Good Housekeeping). With this service, you can place the RatePoint seal on your site, letting your customers know that your business will at least listen to customer feedback.


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