Beyond dressing Manage marketing and sales talent with Success Factors

Posted by tom klein December 6, 2007

Is your company’s talent management system a set of filing cabinets? Time to do better.

Consider SuccessFactors – a way to use performance metrics to drive your marketing and sales department . . . and your business. There just never seems to be enough time to give people clear goals, create development plans, and then tie everything to company goals. This system will help you manage the people side of the business. Companies like MasterCard, Yahoo!, and too many more to mention use this on demand system to manage all that messy HR stuff. Streamline employee profiles, goal management, performance reviews, and compensation in this single web-based solution.

Bottom-line, you need easy access to employee information and metrics if you want to develop and motivate a high-performance marketing and sales team. This is where the web really shines. Why are you still keeping everyone’s development plan in a paper file?

This service has more than 2 million users and can help with just about any aspect of people management. We all know, people are a lot more complicated than technology, so the built in best practices should be particularly helpful.

Marketing and sales are peculiarly demanding when it comes to recruiting, motivating and retaining talent. By definition, these folks have highly portable and in demand skills. Don’t let your most important assets walk out the door unless you know they’re coming back.


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