Won't you be my neighbor? Tap into a local blog audience with outside.in

Posted by tom klein July 7, 2008

Even the greatest rock bands start with a small, local following. If you’re looking for a way to promote your blog and gain some new groupies, keeping your efforts close to home may be the ticket.

Try submitting your blog to a site like outside.in. Outside.in keeps tabs on all the latest stories, conversations, and events happening by neighborhood. Imagine Craigslist for blog content. It’s a great (and free) tool to help you connect with a local scene. To get your content featured, submit your blog feed to outside.in, then use their tagging system to route individual posts to the exact location you mention (or are targeting).

You can link directly to an outside.in Place Page in your post and your story will appear on a Place Page (e.g. Atlanta), the individual neighborhood (e.g. Midtown), and a blog map. Or, include a specific address or Google map link in the body. The more technically savvy can encode GeoRSS data in their feed and outside.in will route your stories accordingly.

Outside.in lets you tap into a hyperlocal audience base. If your blog is barely a spec in cyberspace, here’s an opportunity to put it front and center . . . in your neighborhood.

Think the world revolves around you? Outside.in's new radar feature gives you an even more granular view of your local happenings. Receive content as it happens and within a 1000 foot radius of your position.

It's not just all politics that's local. Thanks to the sustainability movement and the desire to reduce carbon footprints, local is what's happening in the food and restaurant business, too. This tool helps you rethink your approach when you want to target very attractive neighborhoods, not the whole area.


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