If I knew you were coming ... Bring customers into your virtual store with Everyscape

Posted by tom klein December 5, 2007

There’s been so much hype about virtual reality for decades, it’s no wonder everyone is jaded. So, for a change, here’s an idea that’s focused on a virtual world – but we’ll be short on hyperbole.

Try attracting users to your business, using the searchable virtual world called Everyscape. Maybe you’re thinking about going out to eat in Miami and considering Cafe Ragazzi. With this Everyscape map of the restaurant, you can quite literally walk through the front doors and see everything there is to see … and how to get there. As you might imagine, even though the site is new, this sort of map can attract people to whatever business you’re in. In addition to letting people walk into your store, the system will also let you post advertisements / links to your company site.

This service should make one thing clear to you – mapping is just going to get bigger as virtual worlds are developed that are near exact replicas (but probably with more advertising). If you are looking to stand out, especially if you’re in a travel-related business (restaurant, hotel, gallery), this type of mapping may bring more customers to your door.

This site / service just launched, so they’re no doubt going to be adding more functionality and more maps over time (they currently feature maps of New York, Miami, Harvard Square, Boston, Aspen, and Laguna Beach - note high end target).

We’ve covered how to put a Google map on your site in No folding required (something that everyone should consider). An Everyscape map raises the bar, while also helping potential buyers make the final decision- you or your competitor?


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  1. http://www.earthmine.com/ is another project that is creating a 3D world. vishi.gondi posted on

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